Calabrix Corporation Launches


New Website Offers Consumers “Hidden” Discounts

September 1, 2009 – Calabrix Corporation announces the launch of a new website, Find Hidden Discounts ( The site gives anyone free access to information about discounts that are included in many everyday memberships.

The site informs the public of the many savings and benefits that usually go unnoticed. Consumers can research memberships and credit cards to find discounts on travel, electronics, warranties, entertainment, car maintenance, health care, sports events, and more.

Find Hidden Discounts is not another “run-of-the-mill” savings website. It is designed to modernize the consumer buying process by eliminating hours of internet searching and concentrating on discounts that are available by simply opening your purse or wallet. These discounts are associated with various memberships, employers, educational institutions, and more. This may seem obvious, but many times these savings are either not well advertised or buried deep in paperwork or fine print.

The power behind this site is its ability to collect the embedded membership savings and bring these hidden discounts to the attention of consumers. Consumers can quickly search discounts by category (i.e. entertainment or travel) or by membership type (i.e. Visa vs. MasterCard) before making significant purchasing decisions. The site also helps consumers decide if a new membership is worth the fee. Using the “hidden discounts” will reduce and in some cases eliminate the cost of membership.

New discount updates are posted on twitter ( and FaceBook (

Calabrix is a solutions company that delivers high-tech solutions to consumers’ and entrepreneurs’ everyday problems. They are also a winner of the 2009 Office Depot “Survival of the Smartest” contest. The contest required to small business owners to discuss the measures they are taking to cut costs in this uncertain economy and discuss how they are bringing savings to their customers as well. The company has offices in both Florida and Georgia.

PHONE: 561-767-4636

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